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A Secret within a Secret: The Flower of Life…

A Secret within a Secret: The Flower of Life…

Everything consists of a drawing; for example of a point, of a line or of a circle.....…


A circular motion comes to life in Flower of Life. The flower of life is a geometric symbol consisting of 19 overlapping circles evenly spaced and interconnected. This intertwined lifeline is like a flower in a flower. It also has six fold symmetry like a hexagon. The central part of each circle in the flower of life has the same diameter around the six circles surrounding it. This is the very center of life. For this reason, it is believed that everything is kept secret.


Another meaning of the flower of life is "Sacred Geometry". It is a term that includes everything, describing geometrical laws and patterns.


From the point of view of sacred geometry, it is seen that many spiritual meanings have a connection with the flower of life. For some it is a symbol showing the cycle of creation, for others it is the starting point of life.


On the other hand, when considered in terms of sacred geometry, the flower of life contains spiritual and symbolic meanings and interpretations by all monotheistic religions and belief systems. It is an ancient symbol of supra-civilizations, which is widely preferred in the construction and design of structures such as temples, mosques, churches, altars and religious monuments.


Let's expand this part a little more:


The patterns of the flower of life are the starting point of the sacred proportions that make up everything in the cosmos. Sacred geometry also indicates sacred order; because there is no room for error and coincidence in the nature of sacred geometry.


These situations are attributed to the situation that builds the whole existence. Let's also mention that the flower of life has an esoteric side. The finding of works belonging to various periods in many archaeological excavations supports this situation. Researcher Drunvalo Melchizedek writes in his book "The Forgotten Secret of the Flower of Life" that the secret of this symbol was known in Atlantis civilization and was carried to Ancient Egypt in order not to be forgotten in parallel with Atlantis' burial under the waters.


The effect of a symbol is directly proportional to how old it goes. That's why the "Flower of Life" still keeps its secret.


Well, what if we invite you to have this secret to solve this mystery? Shall we share this mystical energy with you?

Come on then… Let this be our secret. Promise?