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As Rich as Njord!..

As Rich as Njord!..

There is someone at the door that opens to the fierce waves of the seas and unexpected journeys. It is “him” who turns the waves rising along the mountains into a harbor… His name is “Njord” and the seas his business.


What about going to Scandinavia and  sailing to the mythological stories of the cold northern climate that warm our hearts?


We called him “Njord”. Njord represents the god of the sea in Norse mythology. He was extremely important, especially for the Vikings. Vikings drew and painted figures of Njord on their ships. According to the belief, his being on the ship in some way brought every convenience. He was a person whom not only Vikings but also sailors and fishermen had a lot of respect and love for.


Although Njord is known as the god of wind, sea, trade and hunting, he was also directly linked to fertility, peace and wealth. According to Old Norse sources, his name means power and strength. He belonged to the Vanir people. Once upon a time, the war of the Aesir and the Vanir was fought, and after this war, he was exiled to Asgard, to the people of the Aesir, with his twin children Freyr and Freya, due to the exchange of captives. He lived in a beautiful ship-shaped house called Nóatún by the sea. Whatever you call this place, it was a place where we could spend the whole day without getting bored, located by the sea with its breezy air. So much so that Njord was also very pleased with it. It must be enjoyable to feel the wonderful harmony of the sound of the waves and to feel the breezes coming from the sea...


On the other hand, Njord has a special place for the peoples of Scandinavia who are interested in shipping. That is why many places are named after Njord to glorify his glory. Take Denmark, for example. The name of an area called Nærum, located north of Copenhagen, comes from 'Nóatún', the 'House of Njord'. He is known as a very wealthy god. Even Scandinavians describe rich people as "rich as Njord".


By the way, Njord is also known as the "Lighthouse God". He could shed light on ships sailing through stormy seas. Njord, who had full command of the seas, would solve the problems in the seas as a mediator and ensure peace in the blue waters.


Njord always and under all circumstances showed his loyalty to Thor after Odin, and they had fought together in countless battles. He was an important character committed to the task of preserving the peace of the world and the peace of the people. May his wind be plentiful...


“In the middle of the frozen sea,

stands by itself.

It's a lighthouse,

shining in all directions.

You, Njord: Let the waters surge;

in the name of peace and tranquility…

Don't stop, don't stop!

Dominate the blue waves with your majesty …”