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Boston, Do You Copy?..

Boston, Do You Copy?..

You wonder  that the quotation was “Houston, do you copy?” Yes, you are right. But not exactly. So many things change and develop without realizing it, we think we were born into that world. However, that thing we caught is going away. It's best to follow the same line rather than catch it. What are we talking about? Of course, we are talking about digitalization and technological developments. …


We are passing through the days when technology and digitalization change and affect our world and our daily lives.


In this article, we will call you from our “Boston” base. We will draw a picture of the future based on the reflections and effects of the digitalized world on our daily lives.


Digitization is directly a human event, not a technology event. We cannot say "Where there is technology, there should be man". But if we consider the opposite, if there is a human, there can be technology. Technology is an add-on to man. It doesn't make any sense on its own. As soon as you start using it, your journey towards digitalization begins. Otherwise, technology alone means nothing, nor is  digitization…….


Let's go back 12-20 years from our digitalized world. Would you be happy? Perhaps you would not be reading or listening to this article, would you? It would not even be possible to talk about the return of technology, that’s  digital life.…


Now we can do most of our work without leaving home. All you need is a smartphone or computer. Everything is at your fingertips, without going anywhere.


It is not that difficult to keep up with this new digital order. And in order to survive, it is necessary to constantly generate new ideas. We are moving step by step on a constantly developing and expanding path for both the service provider and the service recipient. As a result of this, innovative, productive and active outputs are obtained.


The impact of the digital world on human life is completely positive. We do not reveal this, research on the subject reveals it. We have witnessed and continue to witness the processes in which shopping culture has undergone metamorphosis. In this new process where life and shopping habits are transformed and online shopping accelerates, digitalization continues to rise.


We are just at the beginning of a technology journey that does not seem to end with the Covid-19 pandemic, which has deeply affected the world. The pandemic has profoundly changed many things in the world as well as in Turkey. Research shows that the digitalization process has gained a different momentum with the pandemic. Maybe we'll only be shopping with crypto currencies in a short time. We will store various new digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in our digital wallets. With a single click, and without touching them with our hands...


Now it is necessary to accept that there is no turning back from digitization. While this may seem scary, it is not. Change is always painful and scary. But this fear comes only from our ignorance.


Yes, nothing will be the same as before in the world of the future. However, our life will not be based on obscurity, but on a clearer, more understandable and free adventure.


Imagine the next 10 years in the context of digitalization and the development of technology, let's see what will come to your mind...


Hey Boston, do you copy now?