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Change your mood with Areca …

Change your mood with Areca …

You may not have heard of the Areca Palm until now. But you must have seen it somehow somewhere. We are generally concerned with the appearance and stance of plants, not their names, and this is not wrong. Today we would like to tell you about the Areca palm.


Areca palm is a very special plant. You can compare its leaves to a giant feather; because its leaves have a very fragmented structure. Considering decorative, it also adds a very elegant atmosphere to the environments.


It is included in the class of palm trees of the genus Dypsis with its structure that reproduces with shoots from the bottom, from the Madagascar-originated palm family. Areca palm is grown as a park and garden ornamental plant in tropical and subtropical climates. Its height reaches a maximum of 6 meters.


Areca, which is also known as the house palm and offers a very enjoyable viewing pleasure, draws attention with other features besides its appearance. One of them is that it has the feature of cleaning the air. Especially in recent years, voluminous indoor plants have been widely preferred in the house.


Here, Areca stands out as one of them.


This plant, which covers a large area and has thin leaves, cleans the air, removes toxins and carbon dioxide, and prevents dryness caused by heating in the winter months, as it releases plenty of moisture into the air. Known as one of the plants that clean the air the most, Areca Palm can meet the daily oxygen need of 1 person when four stems are at shoulder level. Isn't it surprising? So, we say that you should definitely make room for Areca in a corner of the bedroom.


Even NASA makes statements that the air in homes can be cleaned with plants. NASA emphasizes that measures can be taken against pollution by keeping a plant for every 10 m² indoors.


Let's say we threw our bags on our backs and left. We bought ourselves an Areca Palm. So how are we going to take care of this plant?


Let me say it.


You don’t need to put it in sun-exposed areas, but it should receive plenty of light in the house. Instead of giving water continuously, water should be given as the soil dries. The ideal temperature to live is 18-24 degrees.


And finally, if you take good care of it, it will take good care of you and will definitely change your mood.