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Facts About Africa by Zapatau!..

Facts About Africa by Zapatau!..

Let alone many legends about Africa, there are so many false and misunderstood facts that we don't know where to start. But you have to start somewhere, right? Let's see, another pleasant journey awaits you in this blog. …


When Africa is mentioned, poverty and shortage always come to mind. On the one hand, this statement is correct, but not entirely. For example, most people think that people in Africa don't even have cell phones; but actually they do. More than 90 percent of people living on the African continent have a mobile phone. In fact, Facebook has over 100 million active users from Africa.


After all, it is the oldest settlement in the world. If we start with fossils and human remains dating back millions of years, scientists state that the first human species migrated from Africa to other parts of the world, and thus human life began on other continents. In other words, Africa is not a continent that you can ignore. …


Africa is the second most populous continent after Asia. In other words, about 16 percent of the world's population lives in the African continent. Also, there is not only an African language in Africa. This common belief among the people does not reflect the truth. More than 2,000 languages are spoken on the African continent. Karueein University, one of the oldest universities in the world, is located on the African continent, which has an ancient history in terms of education.  This university was founded in Morocco in 859.


Now we will give you specific information. In terms of its geographical location, the African continent is the only continent where both 0 degrees longitude, that is, the prime meridian, and 0 degrees latitude, that is, the equator line passes.  Therefore, this situation puts Africa in the center of the world.


On the other hand, which country do you think has the most citizens in the African continent? Do you have a guess? Let's say it. China… There are more than 1 million Chinese citizens in Africa and about 350 thousand of them live in Angola.


If you ever go to Africa one day, you should definitely visit Lake Retba, which is a magnificent natural wonder; because Retba Lake is a world wonder worth seeing with its pink color. The reason why the lake in Senegal is pink is the seaweed called Dunaliella Salina in it. On the other hand, Retba Lake, which contains a high level of salt, is also in the first place in salt extraction.


By the way, we have a very similar side to Africans. Evil eye beads have an important place in Turkish culture. It is believed that it attracts the evil eye and destroys the evil energies that spread around it. The people of Africa attach as much importance to the evil eye bead as the Turks and they hang it everywhere.


Africa tells us a lot and will continue to do so. Thanks Zapatau for reminding us of these …