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Horst in the Worst…

Horst in the Worst…

Earthquake… A natural disaster that has made its impact felt from the very first day of human existence with its destructiveness. Earthquakes are generally caused by ground movements. On the other hand, it stands before us as an inevitable phenomenon as a result of the serious damages that human beings have caused to nature.


The better we take care of mother earth, the more beauty she will offer us. However, we continue to destroy nature by never realizing the value of what nature gives. We cut young saplings, light fires in inopportune places, and scatter wastes that should be thrown away.  As a result, we disturb the natural balance of nature and are frequently exposed to the destructive vibrations of those ground movements.


After the occurrence of earthquakes, some earth protrusions and depressions occur. For example, “Horst” is one of them. Let's remember our geography lessons; it will come to our minds. We must have heard the terms “Horst” and “Graben”. Horst is the name given to the higher part of the earth's crust as a result of breaking and displacement. For example, Bozdağ and Aydın mountains in the Aegean Region are horsts that remain high as a result of breaking. Graben is the opposite. The pit and ditch formed as a result of the sudden collapse of the soil is called Graben.


With the acceleration of ground movements and the occurrence of intense earthquakes, the main parts of the earth compress and push each other. Earthquakes occur as a result of faults moving and breaking. The formation of horst and graben structures still continues. However, it is not possible for us to detect them at the moment. Unfortunately, a person's lifespan is not long enough to notice these changes. But this can be realized on one condition. We do not want this, but only if there are large earthquakes, the "Horst" and "Graben" formations can be observed.


In general, we should not be so afraid of earthquakes. We know, it's easy to say, but nature renews and transforms itself.


That's why we can say: “Fortunately, earthquakes do happen; because if cities are growing and developing, if measures are taken for the future, they owe it to earthquakes.” Today, the formation of natural wonders of valleys, canyons and mountain peaks is the result of earthquakes. For example, without the earthquake, agricultural areas would not have formed.  In short, the earthquake does its job. Avoiding an earthquake is not a solution. However, we mentioned it at the beginning of our blog; let's underline it here as well. If human beings build on agricultural areas and places where nature should remain untouched, if they harm their environment for their own pleasure, nature will definitely take its revenge; because everything done, good or bad, has compensation.


Remember! How you treat nature, nature will respond to you in the same way.