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Universe Inside Me…

Universe Inside Me…

“Unique I am

A speck of dust.

With my mouth open

I do watch the stars.

This is

a trip of mine,

In an obscurity.

Into the universe inside me,

It keeps going and going…”



Forget everything you know. It's hard to forget, we know. But it is possible to forget for a moment. At least until the end of our blog.…


Let's take a trip to the universe inside us. Why not?


Let's go billions of years ahead. Not far, just 13.8 billion years away. … A journey that begins at a small point, with the Big Bang. Almost everyone now knows what the Big Bang means. We will not talk spin it out. But we should know that according to the Big Bang theory, the universe is expanding. Even now, you have begun to live in a much larger universe. The cosmos is pushing itself into a wide space towards expanding and far-reaching dimensions.


We all look at the sky. But we just stare blankly. Especially at night, watching the stars in an open air gives people a different pleasure. What if we said we were a piece of the stars? That we carry at least a tiny bit of dust with us? Come on, let's take a journey in the universe, to the cosmos within us.


We are all actually stardust!


It was a pretentious sentence. But let's remember Carl Sagan's famous quote: "We are all stardust..."


But how?

Let's say that 60 percent of the human body consists of water. Hydrogen accounts for 11 percent of this mass. This shows us that hydrogen occupies about 7% of our body by mass, and therefore we are 93% "stardust". By the way, 40% of the atoms in our body are stardust.


Scientific studies support this proposition with the findings that human beings carry "stardust".


Yes, we carry stardust in the universe within us. In fact, we are all a part of the Big Bang and a point in the continuation of  Big Bang.


In other words, we are all “children of the stars…”


Imagine that when you are trying to solve the secret of the universe, you suddenly realize that the entire universe is part of you. Somewhere inside us, we all carry the same substance cyclically and pass it on to subsequent generations.


Explore the universe inside you. Let's see what else you will see.