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Viracocha: For the Sake of Civilization, Sun and Storm!..

Viracocha: For the Sake of Civilization, Sun and Storm!..

Every civilization has some unique cultural beliefs and indicators. These beliefs and indicators contain various messages for both the civilization itself and the world. Viracocha (Viracocha) in Inca mythology is one of them.


Having the title of the most important god in the Inca pantheon, Viracocha is an important name that realized the existence of civilization. Viracocha is also the god of the sun and storms, apart from the formation of civilization. He is depicted wearing a crown of sun on his head, holding lightning bolts in his hands and raining from his eyes. It is believed that all the water in the world came from Viracocha's tears. In general terms, it is similar to Poseidon in Greek mythology.


Viracocha actually had an important role as the god of gods. According to a legend, Viracocha rose from a lake or cave into the sky to bring light to the darkness that pervaded the earth. He created the sun, moon, and stars in his heavenly kingdom. He revealed humanity by blowing on stones. However, before that, the giants he had unleashed on the world with his own hands were bothering him with their reckless actions. So he destroyed them in a flood and then created another giant out of smaller stones, now he could breathe a sigh of relief…. After all these developments and based on all the stories that have been experienced, it is said that Viracocha disappeared by walking in the Pacific Ocean and never came back.


On the other hand, Viracocha, disguised as a beggar, traveled the world and gave the beginning of new formations. He offered teachings to the civilizations he created and showed countless extraordinary works. When he saw the things that came out of his own free will, he was very upset and wept.


The whereabouts of Viracocha is currently unknown. But it is believed that in difficult times he will appear again. Viracocha is described as a white-skinned, medium-sized person who walks around with a robe on his back, a staff and a book.


When we look at all these expressions, we see that it is actually very similar to a well-known name. Some anthropologists and archaeologists have suggested that Viracocha resembles Jesus. In particular, they defended this view based on the metaphors of Jesus' ascension to the sky, walking on water, saving the world from darkness, his wand, falling on the roads and shouting a new belief.


Now everyone is waiting for him with curious eyes. Will he come? Who knows, maybe one day it will come, for the sake of civilization, sun and storm...